The first image you see of the habitat is a golf ball sliced in half, stark white and naked against a windswept barren lava plain. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. A tiny speck on the side of a giant blackened volcano, emerging from the mist. …

what to do with this wild precious life
it’s only at the edge of courage that you begin to feel
the days when you go dancing
when you race and run until breathless heart churning
you collapse into dreamless sleep

when a ship goes out to water
they bring yards of…

i hope you find a good dance partner
not a clumsy oaf with two left feet
someone who learns to follow your lead
who knows how to properly cross the street

i hope you find an aquarium
and fill it full of fish
with time to paint and stay up late
and eat…

The image of the author reminding himself that he’s often a dumbass

Details matter

I needed a picture of a ribbon on a finger for this picture. But it wouldn’t be right to just pull some clip art, that’s not a good look, so I went searching for a red ribbon. I found a red ribbon around an old candle. Cutting the…

I’m playing around with practice. Messing up the artform. Experimenting and seeing what happens. Test, measure, repeat until it explodes in your face, then laugh it off and try again. Gradually tweaking my craft so that this consistency of writing is working towards something, building me up.

It’s wild to…

Mastering the Art of Continuous Improvement

I’ve been working a lot with my team on professional development. Many of them are still students and trying to figure out what to do post-graduation.

I’ve had a number of similar conversations about consistency working toward lifelong goals so I think it’s worthwhile writing down the points I’ve made.

  1. Survive
  2. Make
  3. Share

Survive. Stay alive by whatever means necessary. You’re only done when you give up.

Make. Create every single day and you’ll cut through inaction like a hot knife through butter.

Share. Whenever you have surplus, give it away. Don’t hide you creations. They’re living things and need light to survive.


I’m having trouble telling this story.

It’s one that he already knows. I start and stop. Stuttering and tripping over the uncomfortable multisyllabic truths.

He interrupts — “you’ve met someone”

Am I that transparent? Does he know me that well? Can we see through each other like strips of cellophane…

loneliness is a symptom of the human condition
of realizing that you have thoughts that you cannot share
of experiences that you cannot speak
of truths that to everyone else are untrue
the unreality of how your experience
will not register on the vast untold millions
the solipsism of sitting on a subway
not saying not moving

Spira works with a network of farms in the developing world to create replacements for petroleum and animal compounds in the supply chain using algae, but we’ve never talked much about our story.

Here’s our story full of twists-and-turns directly from our founder, Elliot Roth:

I’ve been curious about biotechnology since I was 14 when I tried to make glowing tadpoles for…

Elliot Roth

Founder @spirainc - creating photosynthetic tech to tackle global challenges, starting with local production of industrial chemicals. @thatmre

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